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Are you still searching for job, have you given up after countless interviews or have you just entered the job market? Whatever is your case, welcome on board. One clear-cut advice is – don’t give up searching for job until you get one. However, there are several alternative means of survival while you are still looking for job. You can live comfortably on getting free stuff at your door step every month, or by receiving cheap trade shows and promotional giveaway items on regular basis fro generous companies. We all know how stressful searching for a new job can be, because everybody have virtually passed through that process irrespective of profession. Who doesn’t want a good job after those hard work at school and graduation. We all want to find the perfect job that will be satisfying and give financial stability. There is no short cut when it come to searching for jobs. With or without paper qualification, the process of getting a job is the same, however, here are some ways that could help you get a job fast.

1.List your first choice of jobs and alternative jobs. Number one mistake that most job applicants make is to concentrate or rather sticking to only their main career jobs, and if their resume is rejected, they stay unemployed hence their job becomes finding a job. You should have your first choice of jobs based on your area of specialization, and alternative jobs to apply for if your first choice applications are rejected.

2.Search jobs related to your main career qualification. Search for jobs that are directly related your major or area of concentration. For example, if you major in accounting and have degree or professional certificate in accounting, search first for accounting and finance jobs. If your application or resume is rejected, then you can search for alternative jobs related to business administration degrees.

3. If you have no paper qualification, search for any technical job of your choice. Not everyone is bookish. Some people are really gifted and genius in technical, arts, music, and other technological fields. If you belong to this group, simply search for jobs in the area of your interest. Its relatively easy for job seekers in this field to find work because the employers knew exactly the capacity of workforce they are looking for besides, there are less competition among the job seekers.

4. Devote time to look for the right or alternative job. Time is of the essence when it comes to searching for jobs. You have to devote all your time and make searching for job your full time job. Knowing that there are great number of job applicants competing for every available job offer, it is apparent to give all your time to searching for your dream job, and don’t stop till you find.

5. Plan and organize your job search and application procedure to enable maximum concentration. You have to organize your job search and application or resume submission in a scheduled manner so you don’t go about sending double resume to the same company or employment agency. You need to always read and double check the job opening expiring dates before sending your resume, so you do not waste your time applying for a closed or expired job openings.

6. Concentrate and make a comprehensive list of prospective employment agencies willing to hire workers urgently. Take a sheet of paper and make a comprehensive list of all the companies and employment agencies offering jobs that hire workers urgently. Many companies often time need to hire or replace a retired or fired employee urgently, hence needed to hire a new worker urgently. You should first look and explore such urgent offers before searching for other jobs.

7. Submit and register your resume with many employment agencies and hiring companies. One of the best and fastest ways to get a job faster is to submit and register your resume to as many employment agencies as possible so you stand a chance to be notified whenever a related job offer is available on their job list. However, technology has made it easy, now there are numerous job applications (apps) on smart phones and other devices connected to employment agencies.

8. Don’t wait for job advertisements, send many unsolicited resumes and application forms directly to companies. Several companies really have job vacancies and employment opportunities but do not have the time to advertise the job openings or connect with employment agencies therefore, you could be lucky if you gamble on sending unsolicited resume to such companies. If you are desperately looking for job, don’t just wait for the advertisement, send out your resume and application forms to as many companies and employment agencies as you could. At least, you have done your part and wait for the replies and possible interviews.

9. Apply for alternative jobs. Alternative jobs are easy ways to get started in the employment world. If no company or employment agency called you for interviews, it means they have all rejected your application based on reasons best known to them. Your next best move is to apply for alternative jobs while gearing up and organizing how to search for new career jobs. Never quit searching for jobs till you get one.

10. Get ready for the interview. Sleep soundly before any scheduled interview. Wake up with confidence, take your brake fast, get ready with necessary thing needed for an interview. Never be late for any job interview. After every¬† interview, make it a point to write down the questions that you were asked so you can use the questions to prepare for your next interview. Though it is normal to get depressed and disappointed to have gone through several interviews and have not gotten any job offer, but life goes on. You don’t have to sit there mourning over bad times, just take a day off to recover and shake things off and keep moving. Kindly note that you can only succeed in your job search if you keep trying and improving your approach.

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